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R & D capabilityproductive powerTest ability

Now our company has research and development space of 1030 square meters, including office space of 400 square meters, R & D Laboratory of about 630 square meters, which including Safety and EMC laboratory, environment reliability laboratory, LED aging and cable laboratory, power supply laboratory, power R & D laboratory, optical laboratory, system R & D laboratory, DC R & D laboratories and other professional testing room. Our company has a group of professional EMC testing, environmental testing, material property testing, optical properties and electronic testing equipment, and we have 548 pcs of the research and testing equipment, and the total value is reached RMB 6840000 yuan.

Our company has made the innovative development strategy, improved and standardized financial management system and technology management system and quality management system. And our company adopted a comprehensive ERP/OA system. Our company carried out hierarchical multiple talent incentive mechanism and encourage all kinds of talents to put scientific and technological innovation into effect in all aspects and awarded the scientific and technological achievements through the establishment, improvement and implementation of the system, which will effectively promote the progress in science and technology of our company. By attracting talent and incentive system, the existing technical personnel are 251 persons, who occupied 40% of the total number of employees, and including 5 senior titles, 19 intermediate titles (Master's degree), 23 junior titles, all have graduated junior college.

Our company focused on R & D innovation, increased investment, attached great importance to the technology development institutions construction, and vigorously developed and introduced the science and technology talent, and made efforts to enhance the capability of independent innovation.

In the year 2010 we put into research and development funds of RMB 27760000 yuan, and in 2011 we put into research and development funds of RMB 35720000 yuan, and in 2012 we put into research and development funds of RMB 52090000 yuan. In the past three years our company R&D funds accounted for the proportion of operation revenue is above 3% in average. At the same time, our company actively explores the potential market, with strong technical strength and every year more than 3% scientific research sales supplied by Guangdong Province elevator fittings engineering technology research and development centers, municipal enterprise technology center, Guangzhou elevator parts point engineering and technology research and development center.

To early recognize the existed potential market, to make every effort to do the training.
We set production base in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu.

Guangzhou production base

The workshop area is about 38613 square meters, total 6 production plants, including Electric dep., metalplate dep., transformer dep., encasement dep., Electric wire dep., Optics production dep., lab, warehouse and so on.

Product line

Transformer Section.: We possess advanced transformer automatic production lines, semi-automatic wire wrapping production lines, wiring production lines, maletab production lines and so on.

Electric Section.: cam switch production lines, limit switch production lines, FIMS production lines, auxiliaries production lines, hoistway lighting production line, door interlock switch production lines, cut wire production lines and so on.

Metalplate Section.:09# lift car panel, 22#top of the lift car assembly, 21# suspended ceiling assembly, control cabinet final assembly, hollow rail production line.

Electric wire Section.: insulated extrusion lines, laying-up bind cable line, cockscombing extrusion lines, braided wire, cut cable lines, 3P5B lines, divergent cable lines.

Encasement Section: B04 container production lines, B02 container production lines, B05 container production lines.

Optics production Section: High Speed Chip Shooter production lines, soldering production lines, automatic assembly lines, strap flow lines, assembly lines, semi-automatic packing lines.

Tianjin production base

Total construction area of 12,285 square meters, divided Beichen, Baodi two places, including the elevator car top, landing door, door pockets, control cabinets, rails, D08 containers, D04 containers production line.

Shanghai production base

Located in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park, with an area of about 10,000 square meters of production base, has two manufacturing Branch: Sheet Metal Manufacturing Division and Electrical Manufacturing Section, total 6 production lines including cutting, punching, bending, welding, assembly, packing and cable processing lines.

Chengdu production base

Production plant covers an area of about 8000 square meters, C02, control cabinet, B04, B05, D01, D09, D04, D08 production line.


Our company testing center have the optics laboratory, environment reliability laboratory, safety and EMC laboratory, power laboratory, power cable laboratory, power R & D laboratory, electric power research laboratory.

Large optical laboratory: It can realize related parameters of the measurement of traditional light, LED light source, and LED light ,which can realize the test: optical parameters (luminous flux, luminous efficiency, spectral radiance picture,  light distribution curve, space picture, and other light intensity curve, plane face luminance curve, luminaire efficiency), color parameters (related color temperature, color coordinate, color rendering index, Color tolerance, chromaticity diagram, spatial color distribution), electrical parameters (voltage, current, power, power factor), thermal parameters (temperature, temperature rise curve, the temperature distribution).

Environmental Laboratory: high temperature box, sand and dust test box, salt fog corrosion test chamber, high and low temperature humid heat test box, High and low temperature heat rapid changed test box ,high and low temperature rapid temperature punching cycle hitting test box, simulating transportation systems and other equipment, which can realize environmental reliability simulation experiments and aging of  the products and R & D samples.

Safety and EMC laboratory: a measuring standard device, lightning surge generator, ROHS tester, electrostatic discharge generator, high-frequency noise simulation generator, pulse generator, cycle drop generator, power analyzer, noise spectrum analyzer, insulation grounding resistance standard instrument, leakage current tester, hardness tester, the paint performance measurement, coating thickness tester, microscope instrument and other equipment

Other laboratory:  the equipment oscilloscope, power quality analyzer, harmonic analyzer, function signal generator, data acquisition, desktop multimeter, power meter, AC and DC power analyzer, noise test room, power analyzer, pure resistive loading box, micro power resistance tester, high precision electronic balance , hydrometer tensile testing machine, drying box, aging box, constant temperature water bath box, conductor micro resistance measuring instrument.

The above laboratories can meet the R & D, product performance requirements, which can provide scientific and professional guarantee for company production and high assurance and reliability products to the customers.


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