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Development  History; 



Sep   Our Company signed a cooperation framework agreement in LED range with the Thailand GALAXY SONI

Sep    Our project named “Industrial intelligent high-power LED street light which was based on Internet of Things and Internet research control system with industrialization" was awarded the third prize of the Science and Technology Award from the government

Jul   One of our LED Street Lights and thin tubes were listed in the fourteenth phase of government procurement list.

May   The Elevator LED Lighting Drive Power and the High Efficiency Grid Face LED Mining Light were rated as high-tech products in Guangdong Province

May   Investment Management Department was found


Mar   Mr. Wu, our executive manager, was appointed to be the director of the Shangxi Pingyang Guangri Electromechanical Co., Ltd .


Mar    EFG won the bid of Liupanshui city beautiful lighting, standard value was 0.7,36 billion. Our company is responsible to provide LED products.


Feb  LED Street Light was listed in the thirteenth phase of government procurement list officially.


Jan    Guangdong Project technology Research Exploitation Center was found by our company.

Jan   EFG was recognized as model enterprise in the first batch of Guangzhou industrial design area.


Jan  EFG was awarded the honor of Guangzhou Migrant workers advanced group.


Jan   EFG won the outstanding supplier of HITACHI Elevator (China) Co., Ltd in 2012.



Nov  Chengdu Branch was found


Oct   Engineering Branch was found


Sep  Electric Equipment Guang Ri(Macao) Limited and the new brand GRLotus were found.


Sep   EFG was awarded the honor of Guagnzhou user satisfied enterprise from GUANGZHOU ASSOCIATION FOR QUALITY.


Sep   EFG developed the lean production project and promoted the production site improvements.


Sep   EFG passed the GE factory audit and became their supplier


Sep   York Project Department was found.


Aug   EFG passed the AAAA business review of standard conduction.


Aug   EFG passed AAA measurement management system certification.


Mar   EFG became a member of GUANGDONG ASSOCIATION FOR QUALITY (GDQA) officially.


Mar   EFG was awarded the honor of AA Harmonious Labor Relationship in Enterprises in 2010-2011.



Dec  Our LED Street Light was owned The KAPOK PRIZE which is the majesty Innovative Design Awardin China.


Dec   EFG was awarded the honor of The National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise


Nov   Guangzhou Guanggu Exhibition was opened.


Oct   EFG was awarded the honor of High-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province.


Aug   EFG was awarded the honor of 10 Top Elevator Accessories Suppliers and 10 Top Famous Elevator Accessories Brand in China.


Jul   EFG became a member of China Elevator Association officially.


Jun   EFG was awarded the honor of Top 100 China LED Enterprises.


Jan   The structure from EFG had been adjusted and established Photoelectric Division and Electrical Division.



Dec   Our LED Street Light was owned The KAPOK PRIZE which is the majesty Innovative Design Award in China in 2010.


May   Special Electric Company was found.


Mar   LED Project Department was found.



Oct   EFG was awarded the honor of Guangzhou Harmonious Labor Relationship Enterprise.


Jul   Shanxi Pingyang Guangri Electrical Co., Ltd which was EFG’s first joint venture company was formally established.


May    LED Product Project Department was found.



      Elevator Decoration Group and Special Electric Project Department was found.



Jul   EFG was awarded the honor of Guangzhou Panyu District Important Tech Research and Development Center from Guangzhou Tech Product Promotion Center.



     The sales of EFG exceeded 5 hundred millions.



Apr   Beijing Branch was found(then moved to Tianjing)



Nov   EFG gained the certification of UTC Supplier Quality Evaluation Q+  Third Class from Zhongao Group.


Jun   EFG became the supplier of XIZI OTIS.


Apr   Introducing the production line of automatic SMT electronic products



Dec    EFG passed the certification of CCC

Nov    EFG passed the review of ISO9001:2000,ISO14001 and OHASA18001 from Germany TUV Certification Organization



Aug    EFG became the supplier of Guangzhou OTIS.


Nov    EFG gained the certification of ISO9001.



Oct    Our products elevator air conditioning won the national patents



Oct    EFG was found


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